Mas Bruguière cultivates 12 hectares of vines made up of 2 independent vineyard plots. The estate’s size allows it to be worked on a “human scale”. Vineyard work has top priority and the vines are therefore maintained in impeccable condition. Each generation has made a useful contribution, certainly helped by the beauty of the place.



The 1st island is exposed due south, under the Hortus cliff, and its soil is composed of deep scree. It is the most precocious terroir of Pic Saint Loup.

This place was the playground of my childhood, there is a rock planted in the middle of the vineyards, the legend says that when it fell from the Hortus cliff it crushed a shepherdess with her flock.

This island shelters under the Hortus cliff with the old Grenache vines replanted in 1976 and the Mourvèdres of 1987. In 2015 some young Mourvèdre vines were planted


These vineyards near the family farmhouse, inherited from my ancestors, run alongside the road that winds between the Pic Saint Loup and the Hortus cliff. The vineyards draw the eye and contribute to the magnificence of the valley scenery.

The 2nd island, on the other hand, faces fully north, at the foot of the Pic Saint Loup hillside. The soil is clay-marl and the old Syrah vines planted in the early 80s are perfectly suited here.

Ce 2ème îlot est exposé plein nord, en bas de pente du Pic Saint Loup, le sol y est argilo-marneux et les vieilles Syrah plantées au début des années 80 y sont parfaitement adaptées.

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