A terrible hailstorm hit Pic St Loup in the afternoon of Wednesday 17th of August. 

First of all, we had to think about all our wine growing friends who also suffered this dreadful and desperate time, having an entire year’s work ruined in 30 minutes, after ten days of the harvest ….

The vineyard of the Mas Bruguiere is split into two parts, with one islet of 10 hectares at the gates of the commune de Lauret that was ravaged by hail, but a second 10 hectares islet set between the Hortus cliffs and the Pic St Loup that was spared. This was a great comfort and motivator, because the 2016 vintage is a great vintage, and we have been able to cosset the grapes that were spared.

At the moment, they are maturing very well, and we’ll be delighted to present them as a 2016 vintage, which will be small in quantity but FANTASTIC in quality!

We’d like to thank you, for your calls and your messages, which were a real support for us.
Thank you for your loyalty.